Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smoking Hot 'Sandeep'

There are many instances in life where you recall people talking about themselves or others and framing them under the category of being 'Hot' or 'Sexy' or 'Cute'. This is about a person who has immense understanding about himself and has never even imagined him under the above mentioned frames.

This guy is 5'5" tall and weighs around 55kg (tops). Has the weirdest of interests and is, what can be termed as a perfect 'Midget'. Like said before, he has immense understanding about himself and does know what he is capable and incapable of.

Recently, he comes to know about his smile being framed as 'Cute' from a Vulcan woman.Well, things are pretty different in Vulcan. Things are more logical there and I have no other option than to believe or trust what this Vulcan woman has to say. She just makes me realize how 'cute' I am when ever she has a chance, and to be frank, I'm loving it.

I'm a human and not a humanoid (Vulcans/Vulcanians) and its pretty much obvious that I love to have fun and think out of the box and see myself as a person whom I'm not. Me being 6'2" tall, well built, attractive etc.. Who cares, I can dream what ever I want. Lol (Laugh out Loud). Its awesome fun.

It was 8th February 2011, around 10:00 PM and I am talking to my closest, 'Lava'. It was quite evident from her face that she was paying less importance to what I was speaking and was indulged in doing something else. But, least minded, I kept on talking on how my day was and how it was to visit her home and talk to people etc. All of a sudden, she interrupted me and showed me a sketch (Looks like she was working on it while I was talking to her). I was stunned. It was just a stick figure.
Stick figure of me (Sandeep) done by my soul mate 'Lava'.
This was the height. I've never seen any picture with so much of emotion or life in it. I just loved the picture more than anything else and to be frank, this can be termed as the 'hottest' picture of mine. I posted this in facebook as my display picture and was so damn happy to see a few of my close people commenting on it.

Shafeeq (My Big butted friend) commented " This picture 
shows Sandy at his best and what he lives for! So full of emotion and beautifully done. "

Gokul (My Paranormal friend) commented " Detailed to perfection. The smile reminds me of Muttley. This is so much you. Right from the needle spike hair to pencil thin legs, and your usual 'Shirtless' attire and your iconic smile"

And for lavanya, this just made her day, because she never knew a random sketch (which took nearly 2 minutes to complete) would bring so much of happiness to me.

Sometimes, those little things done by people who are close creates so much of an impact that makes one say " I'm the happiest guy on this planet". Thanks a lot Lavanya Varma for the Stick insect. Oops. For the stick figure.

This picture is the only place where Sandeep frames himself as 'Smoking Hot' :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love you 'Arsenal'

I live football.

Les Bleus with the '98 World Cup
It was the '98 world cup finals and I still remember the blue and yellow army marching up side by side to the ground. Dad asked me whom I was supporting and I said, Blue. " Blue is a good color dad ". " Okay, I support Yellow", he said. As the match kick-started, I, even though I knew nothing about the beautiful game, started cheering for the men in blues (Les Bleus).
ManUTD, 2002 League Champs
I still remember the game. 3-0 it was for the Les Bleus. That was my first ever football game watched with serious interest and the bald headed tall guy marked a place in my heart. Zinedine Zidane.

As years past by, I began to get familiar with the club football and, the most popular name was Manchester United. I was a great fan of the club and players till I started observing football in a deeper level.  2002 was the year when I started observing the game and started having opinions of my own and It was the last time I ever supported Manchester United. Glad that they did win the league that year.

The Arsenal Crest
2003 was a whole new year for me when I discovered a different kind of football played by a certain team called 'Arsenal'. There was literally nothing to complain about the team, or the way they played football. I still remember the very active 'good looking' coach by the name Arsene Wenger. I thought he owned the club, thus naming it 'Arsenal'. It took me nearly an year to be familiar with the team and their way of playing football. 2004 was the best of all, when they did the Unbeaten run of 49 games plus winning the league. Since then, that was the way of football for me. Since then to me, Arsenal is the way football should be played. Still remember the best team ever, consisting of Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Sylvian Wiltord, David Seaman, Jens Lehmann, Sol Campbell etc. To make things even better, my love towards France just got better knowing Arsene Wenger is from France.

Obviously, supporting a club is being with them through their best as well as worst times and there has been many hard times for me being an Arsenal fan, especially when Arsene Wenger sold Thierry Henry to Barcelona and the transfer of Matheu Flamini, Edu Gasper etc, but still, I believe Arsenal is the team which made me realize the real art of playing football. It has been really hard to see the Gunners without a trophy since 2005 (When they won their last FA CUP) but I still put my faith on Arsenal and Arsene Wenger expecting trophies at-least this season. I certainly do understand the lack of trophies and the frequent controversies revolving around the team and Arsene Wenger. Nevertheless, to me, Arsenal still is the best team in the world and I will be a die hard Arsenal Fan till my last breath

I Love you 'Arsenal'.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The IQ Test

I had the whole day planned and was looking forward for the Arsenal Vs Everton match. Had a decent practice session and asked Sreedharan to come over to stay so that we could watch the match together. Night time is usually used to do my stuff plus voice chat with Miss Spock, a very important person in my life. And as Sreedharan was staying over, we did do a video chat with Miss Spock and did sing some of her favorite Vulcan songs. She just loves it. As Miss Spock was a little busy and had to do her regular Vulcish exploration , we decided to watch the highlights of the Arsenal's 49 match Unbeaten run. As the kick off time drew closer, the cable connection and internet got disconnected and I ended up watching 'Heroes', the TV Series. Miss Spock did come back after a while and we did chat for a few minutes, when she mentioned about her Vulcan IQ.
A Vulcan Gesture signifying
Live Long and prosper

Vulcan or Valcanians are extraterrestrial humanoids who are from the planet Vulcan and are famous for their attempt to live life based on reasoning and logics. They just don't have emotions, plus consist very high IQ level.

I woke up in the next morning and the first thing that came into my mind was to check my IQ. I had never tested it earlier and to be frank, and was little tensed  about the score. Gokul (A highly intellectual, big butted friend of mine) was there as I decided to take the test from the Internet. I sat down and started answering the questions. To add up, my mom and grand mother was so much curious on what I was doing and was blabbering " Whats that? " "Hey, that's not the answer " etc while, Gokul tried his level best helping me with the test. Had around 30 minutes to answer around 30 questions and when the score came, its 99! Freaking hell, 99 ? That's not proper. Mom, Granny and Gokul started to laugh over it when Gokul pointed out that it was worse than that of a Hen. I tried my level best giving excuses and said that I would have done well if I was alone.They did have a big laugh over it.

Later. after an hour or so, for my luck, Sreedharan came. He asked Gokul to tag along with him for some stuff while mom was at the kitchen working. I realized that it was the perfect time for me to take the test again. I sat down, took my time and answered the whole test and came up with a much better, 125 score.

Guess its much better than having a Hen's Level of IQ.

Now, gonna ask my sister to take the test and see if she really is a Mammooty fan :p

Wanna check your IQ? Visit