Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Smoking Hot 'Sandeep'

There are many instances in life where you recall people talking about themselves or others and framing them under the category of being 'Hot' or 'Sexy' or 'Cute'. This is about a person who has immense understanding about himself and has never even imagined him under the above mentioned frames.

This guy is 5'5" tall and weighs around 55kg (tops). Has the weirdest of interests and is, what can be termed as a perfect 'Midget'. Like said before, he has immense understanding about himself and does know what he is capable and incapable of.

Recently, he comes to know about his smile being framed as 'Cute' from a Vulcan woman.Well, things are pretty different in Vulcan. Things are more logical there and I have no other option than to believe or trust what this Vulcan woman has to say. She just makes me realize how 'cute' I am when ever she has a chance, and to be frank, I'm loving it.

I'm a human and not a humanoid (Vulcans/Vulcanians) and its pretty much obvious that I love to have fun and think out of the box and see myself as a person whom I'm not. Me being 6'2" tall, well built, attractive etc.. Who cares, I can dream what ever I want. Lol (Laugh out Loud). Its awesome fun.

It was 8th February 2011, around 10:00 PM and I am talking to my closest, 'Lava'. It was quite evident from her face that she was paying less importance to what I was speaking and was indulged in doing something else. But, least minded, I kept on talking on how my day was and how it was to visit her home and talk to people etc. All of a sudden, she interrupted me and showed me a sketch (Looks like she was working on it while I was talking to her). I was stunned. It was just a stick figure.
Stick figure of me (Sandeep) done by my soul mate 'Lava'.
This was the height. I've never seen any picture with so much of emotion or life in it. I just loved the picture more than anything else and to be frank, this can be termed as the 'hottest' picture of mine. I posted this in facebook as my display picture and was so damn happy to see a few of my close people commenting on it.

Shafeeq (My Big butted friend) commented " This picture 
shows Sandy at his best and what he lives for! So full of emotion and beautifully done. "

Gokul (My Paranormal friend) commented " Detailed to perfection. The smile reminds me of Muttley. This is so much you. Right from the needle spike hair to pencil thin legs, and your usual 'Shirtless' attire and your iconic smile"

And for lavanya, this just made her day, because she never knew a random sketch (which took nearly 2 minutes to complete) would bring so much of happiness to me.

Sometimes, those little things done by people who are close creates so much of an impact that makes one say " I'm the happiest guy on this planet". Thanks a lot Lavanya Varma for the Stick insect. Oops. For the stick figure.

This picture is the only place where Sandeep frames himself as 'Smoking Hot' :)


Appooz' said...

She quite has a talent at Stickifying people. Perhaps a good cartoonist is waiting to come out of her.

Lavanya said...

This is so damn sweet, Sandy...I dunno what to say :-)

Lenin said...