Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Jurassic Dream..

Jurassic Park can be rooted as the reason why I started loving Dinosaurs or worse, Paleontology. Even after watching the trilogy for more than 30 times, I still get goosebumps hearing the snarling of the Raptors (Velociraptor mongoliensis), the chirping of the Procompsognathus etc.

I'm a wanderer and recently while I was wandering through the streets of Bangalore, happened to meet my real close friend, Chaitra. We decided to go for a lunch date and walked down the Mahathma Gandhi Road in search of an affordable hotel. We were talking about wildlife and other topics on which we had no clue and landed upon gossiping about our mutual friend, Harsimran 'Dino' Singh. Harsimran is a 6 foot monster from Punjab who has (and still have) a very faint interest in Wildlife and who blabbers shit about Dinosaurs. He is the one who taught me all crappy stuff about Paleontology and can be called as my GURU.  Gossiping about Harsimran made me think about Jurassic Park, we changed our plan and started walking towards a book stall.

I read Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park a few years back, but so badly wanted to own one and I felt that the time was right to go into a shop and grab a copy for myself. Went there, bought it and within a week, finished reading it. I analyzed and found that the movie was nothing, when compared to the book and decided to buy the II part, The Lost World. I came back home (Cochin) and within a month, bought the Lost World too. I decided to take a break before reading Lost World as it might mix up my emotions pertaining to the first book. After a few months, I decided to sit down and start reading the book. The book, as expected is GREAT. I started to stay up late, just to finish off chapters in the book.

That night, after finishing the chapter 'MATING CALL', sleep invaded me rather quickly and I was entangled in its long arms, calm and composed until I heard a snarl. The sound seemed very familiar to me. I started to look around and all of a sudden, I was with the team at Isla Sorna running, being chased by Velociraptors. Dr. Alan Grant was running in front of me and was asking me to drop my pillow (which I was carrying). I dropped my pillow and gained pace. I turned to see the whole characters of the Lost World pacing along with me. A dreamy, yet strong eyes caught my attention. It was Dr. Sarah Harding. The character on which, I think I have a crush on.

I have always wanted to love somebody like Dr. Sarah. Strong, Independent, Wildlife warrior, beautiful blah blah blah.. and for the first time (even though in my dream) I was looking right into her eyes. Those beautiful eyes..Aaaaaaaah..

Oops, Sorry..

Well, I was still running and obviously, the Velociraptors still chasing, snarling loudly. Dr. Ian Malcolm (Just like the books says, a tall man in black outfits) asked us to climb onto the tree. I followed Sarah and started climbing up onto the tree. She gave me a hand and I grabbed onto hers. Aaaaaaaaah... Yeah, What ever. After all those thrilling scenes, the Velociraptors were long gone. We (Dr. Malcolm, Dr. Grant, Dr. Levine,  Dr. Jack Thorne & Me) started to walk slowly towards the 'RV' trailer and that's when Dr. Grant found a funny looking bone. Dr. Grant started to observe it along with Dr. Sarah and that's when I felt the pain on my back. A very fierce pain. I could feel the warm breath of a carnivore brushing onto my back. The razor sharp teeth piercing into my stomach. I fell down and started rolling.

The next thing I remember was me lying on the floor. The ceiling above me. I got up and it was 6 in the morning. It was a dream and the best of its kind. At-least for a while, I was looking at the most beautiful eyes of the Woman whom I love the most (in the book). Aaaaaaaah.. Something to cherish.

Well, to wrap up this boring story,

Its not everyday you find yourself in a Jurassic World. Running for life, while chased by Velociraptors. Looking at the person whom you have a crush on.. right at her eyes. And when you find yourself in those kinda dreams, you just wish it lasts forever :p