Monday, July 13, 2009

Life with the Paranormal.!

We, as in " We the people of the United States " or " We, Sandeep and Gokul "(I'd probably refer to the second option) burned our asses and shaved our knees cycling upto the hill palace for several weeks asking for approval of the Fauna diversity study. We saw that pack of forest as a place to interact with mother nature and living ourself as animals for a few days. Gokul is another big butted friend of mine. He comes home every weekend with his laptop, spends his time here and goes back in the evening. God itself is in a confusion, what he really gets doing that.

Gokul is a smart guy with at-most sense of humor(ironically), who have a soft corner towards all that is called " Entertainments " in channels. Believe me, he spends hours on the internet going through ghost stories and destination truth videos. Yikeesss..! He's got nerves of steel.

We, like said before.. burnt our asses getting the permission. Once we got the permission, we were as thrilled as the person whose gonna fuck for the first time. Oops.. whose gonna be a daddy for the first time (I just paid some respect). We were thrilled hearing the stories of the animals present inside the forest. Gokul took this oppotunity to educate me about some paranormal activites. Believe me, I don't want anybody else (whose going through this post) to come into this situation. If he starts speaking paranormalism to any of you people, the next best thing you can do is " RUN ".. run for your asses.. sorry, run for your life..

He said " Sandy, Destination truth said that all the forests in this world has paranormal inhabitants in it. Forests, abandoned houses etc. They don't harm you like the Indian ghosts do(he refered to the ones who wear white sarees and walks around singing old film songs). All they do is manisfestation. "

Enough said.

The first day was awesome. We were lucky to hear loads of stories from the workers there. Gokul was poking my hips asking me to click as many photos of the forest there. We found ourself at the bank of a pond clicking the forested area engulfing it. Gokul was standing behind me. He suddenly screamed " Yikeeees sandy.. the face detection. Check the face detection ".. He was right, the face detection became active at the trees in front of us. I jumped back. Seriously, i hate ghosts like.. like.. hmmm.. like i hate ghosts.

Gokul started his lectures again. Oh gosh.. Boring.. Next.. hahaha.. We came back to my home after the terrifying (For me) but interesting (for gokul) phenomenon. Gokul said.." The one which we spotted today, the face detection.. they are paranormals sandy, paranormals.. Like Ghosts". I was right, lucky i jumped back. To be true, he spoiled my sleep for that night.

For the next day, Gokul was overflowing with information on paranormals. I never had any other option other than hearing all that he said while cycling upto the hill palace. He was boring. Trust me. We decided to avoid the manisfested place and moved ourselves near to the deer park. I did listen to gokul's lecture cos, i wanted to feel if it was right. He said " Paranormals need energy to manifest. They create cold spots draining heat from the surroundings, they can drain batteries and also act like webs. ".

The night before, like Gokul said.. I did keep both my phone as well as the camera for charging, so that we don't run out of clicks when we come across interesting stuff. We entered the forest and came across an ancient ruin. Gokul started his stories on paranormals. I said " Shut up man, the animals might run away ". To be true, I was scared to my feet. The camera showed " Battery low after a few clicks so did my phone.

God damn it. Gokul was true. Paranormals do exist and I don't want to go through more instances to believe their existance. I've spoild my night again doing this post. I've dug up all these encounters again.

Please pray for my peace sleep. Adios!