Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The IQ Test

I had the whole day planned and was looking forward for the Arsenal Vs Everton match. Had a decent practice session and asked Sreedharan to come over to stay so that we could watch the match together. Night time is usually used to do my stuff plus voice chat with Miss Spock, a very important person in my life. And as Sreedharan was staying over, we did do a video chat with Miss Spock and did sing some of her favorite Vulcan songs. She just loves it. As Miss Spock was a little busy and had to do her regular Vulcish exploration , we decided to watch the highlights of the Arsenal's 49 match Unbeaten run. As the kick off time drew closer, the cable connection and internet got disconnected and I ended up watching 'Heroes', the TV Series. Miss Spock did come back after a while and we did chat for a few minutes, when she mentioned about her Vulcan IQ.
A Vulcan Gesture signifying
Live Long and prosper

Vulcan or Valcanians are extraterrestrial humanoids who are from the planet Vulcan and are famous for their attempt to live life based on reasoning and logics. They just don't have emotions, plus consist very high IQ level.

I woke up in the next morning and the first thing that came into my mind was to check my IQ. I had never tested it earlier and to be frank, and was little tensed  about the score. Gokul (A highly intellectual, big butted friend of mine) was there as I decided to take the test from the Internet. I sat down and started answering the questions. To add up, my mom and grand mother was so much curious on what I was doing and was blabbering " Whats that? " "Hey, that's not the answer " etc while, Gokul tried his level best helping me with the test. Had around 30 minutes to answer around 30 questions and when the score came, its 99! Freaking hell, 99 ? That's not proper. Mom, Granny and Gokul started to laugh over it when Gokul pointed out that it was worse than that of a Hen. I tried my level best giving excuses and said that I would have done well if I was alone.They did have a big laugh over it.

Later. after an hour or so, for my luck, Sreedharan came. He asked Gokul to tag along with him for some stuff while mom was at the kitchen working. I realized that it was the perfect time for me to take the test again. I sat down, took my time and answered the whole test and came up with a much better, 125 score.

Guess its much better than having a Hen's Level of IQ.

Now, gonna ask my sister to take the test and see if she really is a Mammooty fan :p

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Dr. Retic said...

when did I say your IQ is worse than Hen?? No way.. I can never insult a 'chicken'!!! :P