Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life takes a U' turn!

I remember my bestie, Shafeeq's words now. "There are two kinds of people in this world. One who makes crap and the other who eats crap. Which do you wanna become? ".

It is quite true. There are people who make crap and there are people who eat crap and I'm not proud to say that I used to be in the second category, those who ate crap. To be frank, my last six months were 'me' in the making. I am not the person whom I used to be. Things have changed so fast that it was difficult for me to cope up, but to be frank, I'm happy that I did manage to move on.

I, when revising my thoughts, realize that I used to have this behavior of trusting people easily. And majority have broken that trust. June 2010 was the shittiest time of my life as I was struggling myself to get over a trust that was broken by somebody whom I considered very close. I believe I was going through some sort of agony which even made me quit my job at Coorg.

I have always believed that when some people walks out from your life, others just walk in to fill in the gaps. And I fucking trust that till date. That is one thing which has happened in my life, not once, but many times. As I was trying to get over the difficulties that I was facing, I got this opportunity to work on field to assist one of the greatest herpetologists I've ever seen. This actually made me take off my mind from the agony and concentrate on something productive. I had the greatest time of my life working with Deepak on field, travelling different places throughout the Western Ghats. But, later I did realize that I haven't completely gotten over it and that's when these special people comes into play.

I'm very much fortunate to have a handful of people in my life who have been always there with me.  Sreedharan, Harisankar (Appan), Neeraj were the first bunch of people to walk into my life and its been nearly 15 years and they're still here to help me with it. Aditi, another priceless possession who has been always there for me as my elder sister. Gokul the crack who shares the same passion with me. He is another person who has been there with me for the past few years and he as always, is up when called for. These bunch of nutcrackers did their best to re-program me and get me out of that crappy state and they were successful to an extend. And that's when a new person comes into play. Height 5 foot 8 inches, an awesome female from Nottingham by the name 'Lavanya Varma'. Its weird how things are. I do have any other way to explain other than... She's my Xerox. My soulmate.

Now, as I look back at those days where I struggled, I'm so damn fortunate to have these people with me. These people including Deepak who have made me recover from that big blow and help me find my feet again. To point out the mistakes I've done and to make sure that I've corrected them. The architects of the current 'me'. My greatest gifts and I'm the luckiest guy to be with them!

My world. My Priceless Possessions 

Live Long and Prosper!

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