Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life is stranger than fiction.

Life is stranger than fiction. And as it moves on, stranger incidents happen which makes one think very hard on life, as a whole. They always leave a mark as it happens and, even though it’s not always good, sometimes the whole strangeness of the incident can bring about a big smile on ones face and actually, make him/her feel glad that it happened. I met her for the first time in front of the Wetherspoon pub. A very pleasant looking lady, with a smiling face. Our introduction was small but striking. We share the same name, ‘Sandeep’.  I wanted to talk to her more, spend time with her and get to know her but time was against it. We walk away in opposite direction, with no hope of seeing each other again. I was reluctant to go off contact with her. So, I found her on Facebook and added her. Days passed and we started to talk and found out that she is coming down to India to do her thesis. The hope of meeting her and spending time, grew big but again, was unsure if I could, because of my work. We continued exchanging mails and updating ourselves about each other, when she said that her visit has been postponed due to some emergencies and would come down only by the end of June. We were both thrilled as we were sure to meet up, as I got a job quite close to where she stays, in Chennai.

July 1st 2013 is considered to one of the most beautiful days of my life. That’s day we could finally continue our 2 minute conversation. We spoke for so long, excited, like two kids. I became happier in life. This is what I wished 6 months back when I first met her outside Wetherspoon. We communicated on an even platform. We have very similar interests and we had the same outlook on life, Liberal, humble and cosmic. All I can say is, this is the start of a beautiful strange friendship, which I hope to treasure for a long time.

It all started with the name 'Sandeep'. One of the few occasions in life where I felt great, about my name.

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