Friday, May 25, 2012

The Sarcasm deficiency

Life in today's society or life in general is different if you are challenged in one way or the other. ' Differently able'd ' is what they call for those special people who have been challenged physically or mentally. I know it is a great pain to the family and the society of the differently able'd people. But what they deserve is love and......

Enough of this jibber jabber. Now, let me get to the point

I am a differently able'd person. I'm Sarcastically challenged (Yes, just like I'm grammatically challenged) and in today's world it is really difficult to move about if you don't get Sarcasm. 

There has been truckloads of experience with people with very high sarcastic abilities (at-least, that's what they say) and after every sarcastic spat, I'm left with this very thought in my mind.. "How does this work, if the intended person (Sarcassee) doesn't understand the Sarcasm".

Let me make it more clear. I do understand that being Sarcastic on a person while you're in a group works well (if the group members do understand sarcasm), but how about on a 1 on 1 basis? 99% of my encounter with sarcastic people were on '1 on 1' situation and the result? Its them laughing at their own sarcastic statement, just because I haven't understood it. #SARCASMFAIL it is, when you do a sarcasm and the Sarcasee doesn't follow it. Just like how you put forward a joke and the other person doesn't laugh on it. And I used to respond to it by saying #SARCASMFAIL, which in most of the cases, the Sarcasser (One who does the Sarcasm) doesn't allow. But how does it differ? I don't know. And these days, since they don't understand the whole logic of sarcasm, just to make things easier, I just agreeably node to whatever the Sarcasser says (sarcastically or not) so that I can ease the pain of the Sarcasser.

As I write this, I'm quite sure that I might be pulling the nerves of one or two people out there (If they read this) but chill, this is just my point of view. This is how I see it. Maybe you Sarcassers are the winners after all. And maybe this explanation is the only method that I came up with to hide my inability to understand Sarcasm and you Sarcassers.

But just think about it.. the world would have been much easier if you said things right at the face rather than sarcastically putting it in front of all those Sarcassees out there!

                                                Live Long and Prosper Sarcassers! 

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