Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yikes..!! My Dad is a Criminal.

To tell y'all the truth, the film industries(hollywood, bollywood, kollywood, mollywood, rosewood, teakwood... all kinds of woods) have inspired me to think differently. I've always wondered how it would be to have a dad who is a Criminal ^_^. 

These things on my brain urged me to observe my dad at every possible situation, and i did start to see that criminal expressions on his face when he did his daily routine (like chasing the mosquitoes waving the mosquito electrocuting device, squeezing the mirchi red chillies while having his dinner).He was a ruthless killer an ex-ruthless killer.

This obviously made me to do a little research and it took me directly to my Appuppan (Dad's dad). I shared my dad's behavioral mechanism with my appuppan and forced the old chap to vomit his experiences with my dad.

He started "Your dad, Sandu.. you were right. He was a ruthless killer. A ruthless killer who had a change of mind and took the road of peace and love. "  And i asked "How did he become a ruthless killer? A criminal minded person? and what all crimes have he done? " Grand dad said " Oh.. planned murderer he was. He murdered and then later made it look like a suicide. Poor onths (Garden Lizards and geckos are meant here for onths), they never had a chance against him. He used to wait behind trees and bushes for these creatures to come along and brutally killed them by throwing stones or smashing their ribs off with a stick and later hanging them on the tree branch with a knob on their neck and saying " They had these financial problems achan, thats why they suicided "". 

Whoa.. I was true. My Dad was a criminal. A ruthless criminal who never spared the Onths. The reason why he killed the onths was that, he believed that they spat blood to ones eyes if you stare at them. I can understand. He was just 12 and he just wanted to save the world.

I love my dad anyways....


Vishnu said...

haha!...thatz cool!oh what a wonderful killer!buhahaha.........good idea buddy!

Ammu said...

OMG!!! im gonna infm de police nw, im sorry sandhu..i've to do it for all de poor onths in our country.

TITANIUM said...

well u know why i dont have pets in my home

bcos my father dislike them especially cats

u wouldnt believe that he actually killed one cat by stamping on it and suffacating just bcos it broke a pot of curry in the kitchen

i didnt have the guts to watch it back then

so i went outside

well dont send animal activists allright

ha ha

Chandana A GrEeN sOuL said...

sounds cute.. but srry for d poor creatures!!