Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cold War in the BAR

Shafeeq is my big butted friend (Just like Maurice for King Julien). You won't find any one more lazy and funny than him. Well, this happened just between Shafeeq and Myself.

It was September. Shafeeq rang me up and said "Hey ass, I'm getting bored over here. I'm coming down to Ernakulam tomorrow ."  What the fuck? Thats Shafeeq for y'all. 

Like he said, he arrived. I had to go fetch him up from M.G.Road and my ride seemed too tiny for him. Like the old malayalam saying "Orumayundankil olakkayilum kidakkam (Translation : United we stand)", we managed to get back home, safe and in shape. Shafeeq was saying about his new Digital camera that he bought a few days ago. " My Nikon p80 has this.. that.. blah blah blah blah".  As if I've never seen one . Speaking of spending the time at my place ended up as a visit to my native the next morning. Speaking of the beauty of my native, Shafeeq said "Lets booze man".  We waited till the evening and started off to the bar. 

We could see the "Kottavaathikkal Bar"  from a distance and urged ourselves to walk faster. Suddenly he holded me back. " Hey Sandy, trouble man.. I think its your dad". He was right, my dad was at the medical store just near to the bar. I went and greeted my dad and urged him to get back home soon cos my sister was all alone there. He agreed and asked us whether we were out for an evening walk. Noding our head, we bought a pack of roasted ground nut and started moving lazily towards the Bar. Making sure that the coast was clear, we quickly disappeared into it. 

Mission accomplished. 

Inside the Bar : The bearer came and took the order from us and we settled in a cosy corner couch and started to blabber. The next thing I remember was Shafeeq covering his face with the MC quarter bottle . I looked up and it was my Dad, marching slowly towards us. I bent down and hid myself under the table till Dad walked majestically past us. Making ourself sure that we haven't spotted, we slowly moved to another safe place. 

The time moved really slow and i saw my dad moving out of the Bar at last. Making sure that he was away for good, we paid the bill and moved out as decently we could, out of the bar to the moon light. We were really high and we strategically placed ourselves under a tree (Strategically placed ourselves cos, else we would have fallen). We later took our time and reached home by foot. 

The door was open and we saw dad seeing TV (TV is a box where tiny people talk to each other, fight with each other etc.. very interesting device). We said nothing, walked slowly as if we were normal untill we reached my room. Got inside and locked it.

The next thing i remember was the alarm clock ringing and the birds outside singing.....


ammu :) said...

eda kalla!!!

shafeeq said...

DUDE!!! ultimate thrilling day man! truly un4gettable!!! :D

TITANIUM said...

ha ha ha

ninteyokke bhagyam

ur still the same


but too bad i dont drink
i can only imagine

TITANIUM said...

its me Ranjith