Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time-line : Malayalam News

Year 2000.

Thripunithura : Morning 5:30. The alarm goes out. With no intention to get up, i continue my journey through my dream world. The next thing i remember, me lying on the ground and my back aching. "Oops, Its wednesday and its my news day at school". I got up ran to the bathroom with the towel and brush in my hand. I could hear my mom urging me to be quick. I had my brush and bath in minutes, got out from my bathroom and was ready for school. " Mom, has the newspaper arrived ? " Mom : " Nope, Illa.. ". Lucky me, it was lying outside the door. I took it and started drawing the letters to a blank paper(i had a bad handwriting, but i drew well.. so i drew the letters to the blank paper to make them look tidy). I used my favorite ink pen(Parker fountain pen, which my grand dad gifted me for my b'day). I drew the whole news into the blank paper and was ready to vomit them in front of the whole school at the assembly.

School (8:15) : The school head girl announced " Next, Malayalam news by Sandeep Varma". Oh god damn it, i won't forget that day. I started to shiver. Took out the paper and i couldn't believe my eyes. The words were all spread. Oops, I forgot to wear the vest and the sweat made the ink spread. My nerves started to contract, vision blurring. With all my power, i started to read "Mono Rail pathathikku kerala sarkar uppu vachu".(Translation: The kerala govt. signed the contract for mono rail project) (Oppu means signature but i read it as uppu, which means salt).  Thats was the start of the laugh. Lost my conscience, was knocked out. Heard the laughter very faintly and later going far away. The next thing i remember was me lying on the bed at the sick room and principal staring. She said " Well done Sandeep, You suck at malayalam"  and i said " My malayalam teacher knew this and still she urged me to read them". 

I had to face my malayalam teacher that day and had to wipe of the spit from my face (which occured while she sweared at me). From that day onwards, I was never ever let to read malayalam in any of her classes. Happy me.. Happy her.. Happy school.. And they happily lived ever after.

PS : I've managed to read them properly these days.... ^_^

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ammu said...

Im so proud tat my bro cn do de same as me lolz!!!...