Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Turning Point

Three years have fled so fast. The sunrises, the sunsets.. all gone real fast. And now i stare at my own reflection, thoughts running through my brain thingy. I've wasted the whole college life... 

It was June 5th 2006, I still remember the silly looking (ofcourse short) me holding mom's hands n refusing it to go at the hostel front. It was a whole new world. Big 6 foot people (Monsters i say).. looking at the freshers like a piranha shoal looking at its tasty meal. Scary I say. But when i look back now, those were the most funniests. Where else on earth whould i have stood in my underpants and try to blow off the lighted bulb? Where else on earth whould i have made to blow the Nirod (Thats a condom.. fresh ones)

There aren't any long list of memories that i would like to share. But, the ones which stands in my mind are the most precious ones. 

It was December (after the christmas holidays) or lets say it as January first week. I met with a gang in my class (who call themselves as "Devilz partnerz".. but never did any devilisms..) bunking the class saying some reason called "CREDISE". I was surprised.

The class always saw me as a indecent personell who had a crush on his management teacher.. o_O.. They say..
  • 1) Santi speaks only in English
  • 2) Santi wears low hip genes..(Jeans)..
  • 3) Santi never wears shit..
  • 4) Santi is an outsider..

It was DS (Data structure) hour and i heard some BBM students asking me out from my class. They asked me to assist them for some fashon show. This was my first chance at Credise and i ended up anchoring the program. 

Oops.. almost forgot. There were 2 most embarrassing moments during my college life. I'll put them before you now

  •  It was our language period and i was expecting the same teacher (eeran mudiyil thulasi kathirum choodi varunna sundari) (translation: a person who comes so freash, with wet hair and tulsi leafs on her head... its a normal kerala talk).  Instead somebody else came in. A short sweet (Girl, i would rather say girl) teacher who caught my eyes with the first step. She was sooooooooo beautiful. Her eyes were like pearls. To be true, I was rather hypnotized by her looks. God damn it.. Have i got a crush on her??? I waited for the class to get over and ran towards her. Stared at her eyes for a minute and said " Ma'am, can i say something".. she said "Yes, feel free".. I said "Ma'am, your eyes... and you yourself is the most beautiful person I've ever seen". The next thing i remember was, she ran away blushing and saying "Thank you dear".  Whoa.. Thats somethnig special :p
  • It was my second year (4th semester) and like i always wished, she was my class teacher (Deepa ma'am.. on whom i had crush). We had this usual peeps and lame smiles b/w us and she was so sweet that she gave extra marks (even though i never appeared for the internals). So sweet she was; untill for this day. As usual, she came to the class and stared at me with the same old lame smile. (The whole class knew about my crush on her) She then asked me to come towards her. (booings and claps from classmates as back ground scores) I walked towards her. She caught my hand and we walked together outside, and then she handed me her wedding invitation. She said "Santi, your my close friend in this class, so i give you the invitation card first".  I was heart broken. 

The third year arrived. At-last i found the right company of boys. We were the last benchers and we called ourself "The Godzilla Gang". A gang of 5 (Sujith, Krishnadas, Mithun, Ashwin and Myself) ruled the class. We were the most wanted, the most feared, the most loved, the most cared. We ruled the class. Our jokes, our attitude, our ideology..everybody liked it. The students and the teachers. 

Well, how else do one have to part from the college? I'm happy that I found 5 perfect people in my class to keep in touch with and to cry when parting. The memories that i had during my college life is minimal (just like my dressing), but then they were real MEMORIES..!!


Neeraj said...

hmmm...kollaam...pinne aa foto marakkandaa....better get it b4 next time we meet

ammu :) said...

ohhhh 've u eva hd a crush on me?? hehehe...if nt, try it nw plz lolz!!... so tat i cn get married pretty soon.

Malini said...

gr8 stories yaar..nevr knew bout dis syd of urs..wel done..keep bloggin..hope ya make it big!!

Ramesh said...

Well!!!.......kIp !t Up!!!!